The content's consultation is the main function of an ECM's solution. We currently find a stressed solutions lack, an increasing demand and a maladjustment to the users ergonomic requirements.
Computing offers solutions which daily prove the possibility to connect a strong tool with a user-friendly interface. In the viewers field, ergonomy reminds an insufficiently-exploited improvement's axis. It is in this context that ARender has been designed and developed, as an ergonomic, strong and all-types-compatible viewer (Pdf, Microsoft Office, Zip & Mail, Tiff, CAD …)
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Data migration is often a long and complicate task for enterprises which use ECM's solutions. Fast2 is a solution developed to meet this issue. As it was more and more used in very different contexts, its functions have been diversified and increased. These experiences have made it as a modular offer. Every customer can therefore adapt this solution to his particular context (metadata's updating, documents conversion, migration from a folders system, business-rules apllication...).
More than a simple migration's solution, it became a platform of extraction, transformation and injection, as the ETL's solutions used in the databases field.

By ECM we mean a system, based on computing tools, which allows to manage the whole lifecycle of an electronic document, from the creation to the destruction passing by its modification, publication and diffusion. This system optimises the access to data. FlowerDocs is a turnkey solution easy to implement (in your datacenter or in a Cloud SaaS) which meets the issues of reducing paper's costs, ubiquitous access to documents and improving indexing and search. All that in a quality process.

Research & Development team

Our Research & Development team

Being concerned about satisfying our customers in the implementation of close-to-business solutions, Arondor has significantly invested in its R&D pole since 5 years. Developing a specialised expertise, the R&D's team adopts the necessary capital to achieve watch activities, cooperate with external partners, optimally prepare the projects and to propose innovative concepts which take into consideration the customers feedbacks.